The aim of The ship* & Partners Online Challenge is to bring the talented, entrepreneurial and bright-minded people and startups together with *ship – The Startup Festivals partner companies to solve problems.

The *ship & Partners Online Challenge 2017 is an international online competition and idea accelerator that aims to discover solutions to challenges defined by the *ship Partner Companies. Competition is arranged fully online. A competition entry must be a video.

The *ship & Partners Online Challenge 2017 promotes social impact and interdisciplinary cooperation and features innovations from different fields. The competition entries are assessed based on how novel, creative, solution-focused, and impactful they are. The winner is announced at the Closing Gala of the *ship The Startup Festival on 13th of May.

The *ship & Partners Online Challenge 2017 is created, implemented and organised by *ship – The Startup Festival and the Challenge Partner Cursor. The contact person for the competition is Challenge Project Manager Aletta Purola (aletta@shipfestival.org), *ship – The Startup festival.

*ship The Startup Festival and the Challenge Partners invite all startups, entrepreneurial students, organisations, communities and associations worldwide to participate in ship* & Partners Online Challenge 2017.

– The size of the team is not defined
– A person can belong to only one team
– Teams need to register for the competition and nominate a team leader as a contact person
– The contact person must submit to the organiser an email address for all competition-related notifications and announcements

Participation in the competition implies that the team and every team member fully accept these rules.

The ship* & Partners Online Challenge 2017 call for applications to open on July 5th, 2017 and the competition will terminate with the announcement of the winner(s) July 13th, 2017.

The competition procedure is as follows:

Stage 1
1st July 2017 – 11th July 2017: Problems/ challenges are presented on the website. Participants register for the competition, build their teams and choose the problem/challenge to be solved.

Stage 2
11th July: Challenges are officially announced at the Ship the Startup Festival Opening Ceremony by the representatives of the Partner Company. Participants can communicate with representatives of the Partner Company via *ship App.

Stage 3
12th July 13:00-15:00: Challenge Feedback session is held at *ship – The Startup Festival Online Challenge Area. Participants can schedule 15min meetings with the company representatives to receive feedback on the ideas created so far. Meetings can be held either at the Online Challenge Area or via Skype.

Stage 4
13th July: Participants need to submit their competition entries by 14:00. Entries submitted after the deadline are not accepted.

Stage 5
13th July 15:00- 19:00: The jury selects the winner.

Stage 6
13th July 19:30-22:00: Announcement of the winner(s) and presentation of the prize will be held at the Ship the Startup Festival Grand Closing Gala. The winning team(s) are contacted via Skype if not present at the *ship Festival venue.

Registrations by means other than the online form will be automatically rejected. Teams that submit an incomplete form will be requested to provide the necessary information within a separately set deadline.

The organiser reserves the right to reject the registration and participation of a team if it finds that the activities of the team or its members or the team’s competition entry are in breach of these rules.

The organiser is not responsible for malfunctions of the data network, or for software or hardware that may cause the team’s registration data to disappear or be delayed during its transmission to the organiser.

The team leader will receive a notification of the approval or rejection of the registration and a request to provide supplementary information, if necessary.

The * ship & Partners Online Challenge 2017 promotes social impact and interdisciplinary cooperation and features innovations from different fields. The competition entries are assessed based on how novel, creative, solution-focused, and impactful they are.

Competition entries will be evaluated through the following criteria:

Impact & Solution-focused
*ship & Partners Online Challenge is looking for solutions that have impact. Impact can be measured both by the scale or the depth of the change the created solution has or potentially could have. The solution must be feasible, although it can be on an idea level and abstract.

The team’s ability to reframe the problem in new ways, finding new unforeseen contexts and new approaches for solutionizing are categories through which the jury can measure the team’s creativity.

Originality of the solution requires understanding of past and current iterations. This demands benchmarking. Originality can be measured by asking how and why the new solution excels existing solutions.

The jury of each partner challenge is formed of the representatives of the partner company, *ship – The Startup Festival. The juries base their decision on the ranking of the competition entries according to the assessment criteria listed above.

The main prize for Curson Online Challenge is 1000 euros.

The competition prize varies on the challenge chosen. The prize will be awarded to at least one (1) team or person.

If necessary, the jury will also determine the division of the prize money between several teams.

The organiser reserves the right not to declare a winner if the jury finds that none of the competition entries submitted by the participating teams fulfils the assessment criteria. The jury’s decision is not subject to appeal.

During and after the competition, the organiser and the Challenge Partners and their collaborators have the right to publish and communicate, on their external and internal websites and other internal and external communication channels, the names of the teams and their members as well as descriptions of the competition entries. For this purpose each team member hereby grants the aforementioned the right to use the name and pictures of the team and the team members in, among other things, press releases, marketing material, articles, and videos. The team understands that the competition entries will be presented to the juries, the other participating teams and various third parties.

By participating in the competition each team member agrees that certain personal data is processed by the organiser and its collaborators in accordance with the privacy policy which can be accessed through the competition website.

The organiser may disqualify a team that does not observe the rules of the competition or follow the instructions provided or submits deficient or incorrect information to the organiser. Also, the organiser has the right to disqualify a team if it finds that the team or its members violate current Finnish law or breach applicable ethical guidelines and practices. The organiser is not obligated to give detailed grounds for the disqualification of a team.

A team may at any time withdraw from the competition by notifying the organiser. The organiser retains the right to amend these rules during the competition. Any amendments to the rules will be announced, and the revised rules will be published on the competition website. Any amendment to the rules will enter into force at the time of their publishing.

The ownership and title to all results, data, information, inventions and material created in the competition, and any intellectual property rights associated as “results” shall belong to the partner company offering the challenge – unless agreed otherwise.

Each team member hereby grants to the organiser and the Challenge Partners and their collaborators free of charge and royalty free, a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual right to use and modify the results and materials created in this competition.

To the extent allowed under law, the organiser *ship – The Startup Festival and each *ship & Partners Online Challenge partner have no liability whatsoever to the team or a team member for any damage, claim or liability arising out of the competition or the Online Challenge competition rules.