*ship Startup Festival supports the next generation of entrepreneurs! We are a startup event that consists of a mentor program with over 20 international mentors annually and the Pitch Captain pitching competition with a 5000€ main prize!

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(In English below) Patteri Entrepreneurship Societyn järjestämä Startup Summer Camp (SSC) @startup_summer_camp on intensiivinen kymmenen viikkoa kestävä ohjelma, jonka aikana osallistujat vievät liikeideansa seuraavalle tasolle. SSC toteutetaan toukokuun ja elokuun välillä. SSC järjestetään tänä kesänä jo viidettä kertaa. Ideana on kouluttaa osallistujia ajattelemaan ja työskentelemään yrittäjähenkisesti. SSC antaa osallistujille myös hyvän pohjan, josta lähteä etenemään. SSC tarjoaa osallistujille työkalut viedä liikeidea omaksi startupiksi. Osallistujat pääsevät myös *Ship Startup Festivaliin @shipthestartupfestival kilpailemaan 5000 eurosta! Saavathan he toki myös mahdollisuuden viettää kesänsä muiden samanhenkisten sekä innokkaiden yrittäjien parissa! Lisätietoja saat osoitteesta https://www.patteries.com/ Startup Summer Camp (SSC) @startup_summer_camp by Patteri Entrepreneurship Society is an intensive 10-week entrepreuner accelerator program during May, June and July. Startup Summer Camp is organized by PatteriES and this is the fifth time it is organized. The idea is educate people to think and work like an entrepreneur minded person. SSC also gives participants good starting ground to step upward from. We provide the necessary tools and support to build and develop ideas into your own startup. Participants also get access to *ship - The Startup Festival @shipthestartupfestival to compete for 5000€. They get also chance to spend an unforgettable summer with other enthusiastic entrepreneurs! For more information, go to https://www.patteries.com/ #startupsummer #startup #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #patteries #shipthestartupfestival #pattericamp #startupsummercamp #xamk @startup_summer_camp @patterinetwork @shipthestartupfestival
If you had your own ship, how would you name it? #ship2018 #shipMOVEMENT #shipstartupfestival pic.twitter.com/HD8okFXWY7
Start this Monday in a great mood and get motivated for the whole week! If you can dream, you can do it!
WHAT IS *SHIP 2018 ABOUT? New blog post in Startup Mag! Started as a small invitation-only event with 35 young entrepreneurs back in 2015, *ship has grown successfully and made its history by becoming today’s biggest startup event of South-Eastern Finland. Now we are very excited to introduce *ship 2018 to you and what it is going to be about! Check it on: https://www.shipfestival.org/?p=55993 ___________________ #ship2018 #shipMOVEMENT #startupfestival #shipstartupfestival #startup #festival #ship #business #event #work #blog #finland #suomi #kotka #finnish #shipthestartupfestival
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Meet our team and new interns for this summer!
Looking forward to #ship2018? Check this years program at shipfestival.org/?page_id=22
There are two ways to attend *ship 2018: by our entrepreneurial partners or by filling a from on our website: shipfestival.org/attend/ #shipMOVEMENT pic.twitter.com/wxu8rPpmAM
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